5 Questions for Your Holiday Readiness Checklist

Jul 19, 2013 10:49 AM  By

iStock_000017082861XSmall5. Are you Mitigating Risk?

Though most will hope operations will dash as quickly and smoothly as a one horse open sleigh, things happen, and hoping all will go well isn’t a plan. Review your business’ disaster recovery plan. Does it include contingencies for instances in which a system goes down?

What happens in the event that your ecommerce site crashes, or if you’re unable to process orders? One way to combat these potential sale killers is to create a secondary operation plan which allows each system to operate independently of each other. Although integration is crucial, it shouldn’t be necessary for orders to be captured.

In addition to crashes, heightened response times and other threats to your customer service and support methods, ensure your ecommerce site is adhering to the standards of PCI compliance. While your users may never know if their privacy could be compromised, you wouldn’t want them to find out it was.

Gian Genovesi is a senior consultant with ecommerce design firm Briteskies.