5 Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Business

May 23, 2013 5:29 PM  By

There are several ways retailers can improve their ecommerce business.  Emerging ecommerce businesses have several advantages over big names, especially when it comes to personalization and customer service, according to an article on Forbes.com.

Here are five ways retailers can improve their ecommerce business: 

Share the Voice of the Customer:  Customers want more than simple product information, they expect size, shape, color and width. Offering your customers the chance to review purchased items is an easy add-on to an ecommerce site, according to the article.  To improve the ecommerce site, companies can take it further and have representatives respond and react to reviews, right on the product page itself.  Retailers can thank a customer for a glowing review or offer to resolve a negative one. This gives the company credibility and puts a human face on a small brand. 

Include Honest and Helpful Details:  Help customers make a decision on a product by including extra details.  Customers will be grateful that you have anticipated their questions, removing a significant barrier between your customers and a purchase, according to the article.

Customization Options:  If possible, provide options like specially designed wrapping, customizable monograms, engravings, or handwritten notes, according to the article.

Use Social Networks:  Having a presence on Facebook and Twitter isn’t enough, do more than just post updates about products or services.  Think about the kind of lifestyle your customer leads, what they are interested in, and where else they shop. Be more than just another advertising channel, be a source of lifestyle content for your target audience, according to the article.

Be Reachable:  Don’t make it impossible for customers to have to struggle to contact someone at your company.  Small and emerging ecommerce retailers should take advantage of the flaw big retailers make in being inaccessible by becoming accessible.  In doing so, display contact information, include phone number that allows the customer to reach to a live person who can help them.  Providing customer service, unexpected product assistance, and a high degree of product customization, the business can build loyalty, engagement and enthusiastic customers, according to the article.