5 Ways to Attract the Mobile Shopper

Aug 29, 2013 5:27 PM  By

There are different ways merchants can attract the mobile shopper, but it may take a little work. In a recent interview at IRCE 2013, Ken Burke, founder and executive chairman of Marketlive, offered 5 ways merchants can begin attracting consumers via mobile devices.

Keep Up With Mobile Technology

It is important to keep up with mobile technology. One example is gesture-based frameworks on the mobile system so you can actually work through the mobile site.

Merchandising to the Mobile Shopper

Make sure you’re merchandising differently on the mobile site than you’re merchandising on your website.

Responsive Design Caution

A lot of people are moving to the responsive design area.  Burke cautions this because while it makes things easier in some cases, you still have to do some things for the mobile that is unique, special and different.

Implementing Mobile Wallet

Burke said an important way to get conversion up is by implementing mobile wallets.  Conversion is still very low on mobile devices, particularly the smartphone which is lower still.  Mobile wallets should be acclimated in a big way since they aren’t right now.

Offering a Discount Using Mobile Devices

Mobile conversions go up when a merchant offers a discount specifically targeted for mobile devices.  What is nice about mobile it can be timed appropriately and it can incentivize them differently than the website can.