Why Bare Necessities Breaks Down Shoppers by Device

Aug 29, 2013 5:05 PM  By

When thinking of ways to attract the mobile shopper, Bare Necessities’ chief marketing officer Jay Dunn is looking at it from a different perspective.

In a recent interview at IRCE 2013, Dunn explained shopping on mobile devices is behavior based.  The user behavior on a smartphone is different on a tablet and desktops or laptops. 

He has created a language within Bare Necessities and refers to mobile commerce as m-comm, ecommerce as e-comm and tablet commerce as t-comm in order to distinguish how the company approaches attracting the mobile shopper.

Looking at mobile shopping from this perspective has allowed Bare Necessities to know what types of content and functionalities it has on each of the devices.

“M-comm has some issues, it’s a small screen, it’s very good for some things, [but] it’s not an ideal shopping platform,” said Dunn. “Retailers in general are going to have to find a way to design for that device to impel a better simplified shopping experience.”

Dunn said this summer Bare Necessities had plans to launch new m-commerce and t-commerce platforms.

According to Dunn, the new plans include some forward thinking designs that combine the content and brand that needs to be portrayed with an environment that is conducive to the behavior perceived with those devices.



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