BooJee Beads Gets Conversion Lift from Product Videos

Aug 28, 2013 8:30 AM  By

boojeebeads-300BooJee Beads, a maker of decorative lanyards and ID badge holders,  saw an increase in the conversion rates of visitors who watched video after it was added to each of its product pages.

The videos on BooJee, talk about product features and benefits.  Treepodia created more than 700 automated videos for BooJee Beads. The videos are essentially a series of images with a voice-over rather than video streaming.

According to Dr. Melody King, vice-president of marketing and sales for Treepodia,  a provider of automated video solutions for online retailers, by default did a 10/90 split A/B test from January to July of 2013.

King said 10% of the control group was presented with product pages with no video and 90% had the video option available to them. Results from the test showed that the control group converted at 1.86% and the remainder converted at 2.03%.

King said they further segmented the 90% to see what the conversion rate was when visitors watched the video and didn’t watch the video.

“When BooJee Beads had the video option, even if they don’t watch it we are still consistently seeing a boost in conversion,” said King.

King said BooJee Beads’ non-video watchers converted at 1.87%, which King said was not a lot, but still a higher conversion rate than product pages with no video available.

King attributes the boost in BooJee Beads’ conversion rates to a high level of trust a shopper may have in a merchant with videos on its site.

Kimberly Martinez, CEO and co-founder of BooJee Beads parent company Bonita’s International,  said video has become the new norm for communicating with your customer base.

“It was a cost and time effective way for us to get to the new standard of selling in a way that was manageable for us,” said Martinez.

BooJee Beads also uses Treepodia’s Dynamic Video Sitemap to ensure all videos are indexed by Google and Bing, which gives the company an added video SEO boost.

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