Clarks Americas Teams Up With Invodo Video Solutions for Best In-Store Experience

Feb 12, 2013 10:08 AM  By

Clarks Americas, a global designer and footwear retailer, has teamed up with Invodo to focus on creating the best in-store experience through video, according to a release from Invodo.

The retailer has revamped its site by offering product videos that include how it could apply to the consumer lifestyle other than relying on text, still photography, and descriptions, according to the release.

“Video clearly has value – both to our consumers who can acquire the information they seek to guide them to purchase, and to Clarks for its significant return on investment,” claims Rick Almeida, director of eCommerce at Clarks Americas, according to Invodo.

There are two key benefits of the content-centric strategy emerged according to Invodo.

  • Shoe shoppers engage with video. Invodo’s Conversion Tracking and Watch Metrics featured shows that an impressive 7% of visitors of Clarks USA product pages viewed video and that three out of four viewers watched to 90% completion.
  • Video drives purchases. Shoppers who watch videos are five times more likely to make a purchase.

Video brings the in-store experience online and conveys unique product benefits and value in a meaningful way that converts.