Gallery: A Look at Ecommerce Product Videos


Entertains the audience, while showing the benefits and quality of the show. Plus, it includes information about Shoebacca’s price-match guarantee, and a call to action click and buy the shoe). Bonus: Shoebacca relays its entire message in just 50 seconds.

Office Depot

Not only does this video show the shopper what the shredder does, but how to place the order online.


Crutchfield adviser CJ reviews the NAD VISO 1 wireless digital music system. He listened to his iPod and iPhone on the system, and tells us how it sounded. Not only that, the video also shows the viewer how to make a purchase online, conduct a chat session, contact, etc.


The Mirage Fly Fishing Reel from Orvis. The following text is also included with the video on Orvis’s YouTube page:

Our large arbor Mirage fly reel combines superior performance and a great price to put it in a class all by itself. Using the same principles employed for the brakes of fighter jets, the carbon to stainless drag gives smooth, consistent, and infinitely-adjustable stopping power—from free spooling to a dead stop.

Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Month Club president Paul Kalemkiarian lets his personality shine though as he and wine author Ed Masciana talk about a $6.99 Pinot Noir from New Zealand. Kalemkiarian says the best way to sell product via video is to just be yourself.


This video highlights not just the cut and materials of the jersey, but encourages the viewer to check out the product’s ratings and reviews.


This is more than just a product video. It includes a history of the wine in the U.S., how the wine is made, and what foods it pairs well with.

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