How Targeted Media Helped Acer Increase Sales 138%

Jan 22, 2013 11:37 AM  By

Computer hardware and technology provider Acer America was looking for new ways to reach customers at touch points outside of its own ecommerce site to promote its TimelineX notebook family, and increase awareness and sales.

• Promote Acer’s TimelineX Notebooks within targeted ecommerce media environments
• Generate more brand awareness at customer touch points across the web
• Reach customers at the moment a shopper arrives at a purchase decision
• Identify and increase key performance metrics

To access shoppers that met Acer’s target profile, Acer partnered with digital advertising firm HookLogic, which strategically chose as an ecommerce partner for the campaign, where they anticipated peak performance.

A variety of custom TimelineX display ads were placed across, including the homepage and customer login pages, where already engaged shoppers would be most likely to see them.

The campaign, “Performance without Compromise,” featured some light product info about the TimelineX series, along with the ability for a consumer to “Shop Now” within the native ecommerce experience.

With HookLogic’s ecommerce media placement strategy and targeted ad placements, Acer was able to reach significantly more in-market shoppers than they would have had access to otherwise. By contextually serving rich, relevant media to shoppers, Acer was able to provide a fully immersive brand experience on, where shoppers were already considering a purchase and would be most receptive to the TimelineX proposition.

Key Performance Indicators
•Improved Awareness: Nearly 2.5 million impressions, and 1.5 million unique visitors weekly.
• Increased Pageviews: TimelineX series product page views were 46% higher during campaign period.
All Acer Laptop page views were 123% higher during campaign period
• Increased Sales: Acer Laptop SKUs share of related taxonomy product sales increased to a peak of 138% above pre-campaign share.