How to Combat the Threat of Showrooming

Sep 03, 2013 3:17 PM  By

Showrooming has been the big catch phrase this year for many crosschannel merchants, but should it be a concern for them?  Jim Okamura, managing partner of Okamura Consulting, said in a recent interview at IRCE 2013,  that in general it is a threat to most crosschannel merchants.

Okamura said many crosschannel merchants haven’t wrapped their arms around how to combat showrooming and it seems rather obvious that the store footprint is their best weapon.

With the onset of smart digital tools in the store, Okamura said,  it will keep the customer in the store as opposed to the showrooming behavior of going to buy from a third party after they have checked it out in stores.

“It really puts a lot of pressure on the service strategies,  you know that those are hard ships to turn in a sense because if you have a 1,000 store network, trying to get them to execute to a consistent level is really the biggest challenge we face right now,” said Okamura.

With regards to cyber weekend 2013, Okamura said a lot of companies are gearing up already.  Mobile devices will certainly be playing into that in a huge way.  He questioned whether merchants are ready for the mobile traffic and the subsequent customer experience they hope to have.

“That is where a lot of has been spent this year getting ready for that spike in the holiday season,” said Okamura.