How to Maintain Keyword Relevance in Creative Testing

Oct 30, 2012 7:24 PM  By

How closely are you looking into the keywords you are using when creating copy for search optimization? According to a Marin Software whitepaper, etailers should make that a top priority since doing so could help avoid a “sacrifice in relevancy” and the dreaded drop in Quality Score.

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When testing creative, the whitepaper states, the objective should always be “to generate and test compelling creative while maintaining keyword-to-creative relevance.”

As an example, if you are selling men’s hiking backpacks in June, you could test a creative that just states “Men’s Hiking Backpacks” and another that states “Shop Father’s Day Deals.” According to Marin, “successful creative utilize compelling language, while remaining highly relevant to the user’s search query.”

In other words, think the way your consumer is searching.
Here are some examples Marin Software used with fictional sporting goods retailer PowPow Sports.

Example A

Example B

Example C

Since example B only uses the phrase “men’s hiking backpack once, according to Marin, “it has become less relevant to the keywords within the group.” But taking that example even further, according to Marin, an even more effective approach would be to make sure the creative includes relevancy with the users search query by offering “free shipping” which could potentially including conversion.

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