How to Reach Customers Through Creative

Oct 26, 2012 10:45 PM  By

Compelling creative promotes a higher conversion rate and more revenue. But before you hit the send button, it’s important to first figure out exactly how you want to reach out to your customer, according to a Marin Software whitepaper.

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As the whitepaper points out, “all creative tests begin with a choice, and marketers are subject to a plethora of test elements to choose from.” The best way to meet this choice is by breaking down test elements into three levels, according to Marin, functional, emotional and promotion

  • Functional creative, Marin states, focuses on the product or service and gives basic information such as the price or any special features.
  • Emotional creative pulls “at the metaphoric heart strings and attempt[s] to form a connection between the customer and product,” Marin states.
  • Promotional creative highlights discounts and gives the reader a sense of urgency.

The table below, which is also included in the whitepaper, lists common elements that helps define how a creative is characterized.

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