IBM Reports 20.6% Increase in Cyber Monday Sales

Dec 03, 2013 8:05 AM  By

cyber-monday-300-greenU.S. shoppers made Cyber Monday the biggest online shopping day in history with a 20.6% increase in online sales, according to the latest cloud-based analytics findings from IBM.

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Average order value was $128.77, down 1% year-over-year, according to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark.

Mobile sales led the way, exceeding 17% of total online sales, an increase of 55.4% year-over-year.

Cyber Monday also capped the highest five-day online sales period on record – from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday – which grew 16.5% over the same period in 2012.

“We continue to see a dramatic movement of the new digitally savvy consumer as Cyber Monday once again proved to be the star of this holiday shopping season,” said Jay Henderson, Strategy Director, IBM Smarter Commerce. “The mobile device has become the shopping companion of choice for consumers, driving record mobile sales with 55% growth over last year.”

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Mobile traffic grew to 31.7% of all online traffic, increasing by 45% over 2012. Mobile sales were also very strong, exceeding 17% of total online sales, an increase of 55.4% year-over-year.

Smartphones drove 19.7% of all online traffic compared to tablets at 11.5%, making it the browsing device of choice. When it comes to making the sale, tablets drove 11.7% of all online sales, more than double that of smartphones, which accounted for 5.5%.

On average, tablet users spent $126.30 per order compared to smartphone users who spent $106.49.

On average, iOS users spent $120.29 per order, compared to $106.70 per order for Android. iOS traffic reached 22.4 % of all online traffic, compared to 9.1% for Android. iOS sales reached 14.5% of all online sales, compared to 2.6 % for Android.

On average, holiday shoppers referred from Facebook spent 6% more per order than shoppers referred from Pinterest. Facebook average order value was $97.81 versus Pinterest average order value which was $92.40. Facebook referrals converted sales at a rate 38% higher than Pinterest.

Cyber Monday online sales were up 31.5% over Black Friday this year, yet consumers spent 5% more per order on Black Friday versus Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday shoppers spent 5% less per order with an average order value of $128.77 compared with $135.27 for Black Friday.

Mobile sales and traffic decreased between Black Friday and Cyber Monday as shoppers went back to work and school. Cyber Monday mobile sales were down 21%, and mobile traffic down 20%, from Black Friday.

In order to lock in the best deals, shoppers actually purchased the items they added to their online shopping carts at a 12.6% higher rate on Cyber Monday than Black Friday.

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