New Website targets paintball warriors

May 01, 2008 9:30 PM  By

Seeking to capitalize on the ever-increasing popularity of paintball, St. Louis, MO-based Way Technology has launched The Website sells such paintball products as markers, clothing, paintballs, and other accessories.

Launched in March, the site’s target customer is the entry-level to mid-range paintball enthusiast. “While we do carry products that cater to the advanced crowd, our core offering is designed to fill the needs of the beginner to intermediate paintball player,” says Justin Schmidt, marketing operations coordinator for Way Technology, a computer memory upgrade provider.

Way Technology also operates a site that sells Midland two-way radios, as well as a site that offers carrying cases for iMac computers. “We’re a Web retail outfit that’s core strength is keeping operating costs low and our marketing ROI high,” Schmidt says.

“Through internal market research, we identify opportunities where we feel we can profitably compete and grow a business. Paintball was one such opportunity.”

Way Technology is getting the word out about its newest site by advertising primarily through Google Adwords and PPC marketing, as well as through optimized data feeds in the comparison shopping engines such as Google Products, Yahoo Products, and Shopzilla.

“Search marketing is a strong suit of ours, and it is usually the first strategy we employ when launching a new business unit,” Schmidt says. “We are also in the stages of planning a brochure/outreach campaign, but there are no immediate plans for a big offline push.”

Although he wouldn’t disclose specifics regarding clicks or conversion rates, Schmidt says “so far, so good,” as far as traffic is concerned. One of‘s advantages over its competition is that the site does business directly with the manufacturers, as opposed to distributors, so it can pass the savings on to the customers.

“We launched this site because we saw an opportunity in the paintball market to compete,” he adds. “The concept behind is simple: to leverage our supplier relationships and marketing skills to create a site that has some of the lowest prices on paintball markers and accessories available online.”