Rue La La Sees 10% Lift in Conversion with Tag Management

Mar 19, 2014 11:46 AM  By

Invitation only online merchant Rue La La re-engaged its inactive customers, increased conversions and built a strategic cross-channel data capabilities when it began working with Bright Tag, a tag management system company, according to a recent case study.

Working with its CRM vendor, Rue La La embarked on a customer-segmentation project with the goal of reactivating dormant customers.

Prior to working with BrightTag, the challenge Rue La La faced was efficiently trying to engage customers by targeting them with relevant display ads.  Executing the campaign required matching customer profiles between the CRM and retargeting vendors.  Connecting information across their data ecosystems to make it actionable was one of the hardest challenges, according to the case study.

While the CRM system should be targeted in the campaign,  Rue La La’s challenge was how to best share the data with the retargeting partner that would be serving up ads, according to the case study.

Rue La La selected BrightTag to enable its marketing team and retargeting partner to activate customer insights, according to the case study.

Rue La La in turn experienced a high match rate and can update data in real time as often as it likes.  By building a unified customer profile in the cloud,  BrightTag Fuse allowed Rue La La to optimize targeting criteria in real time and focus its ad spend on individual dormant customers,  rather than wasting impressions by retargeting every person visiting the Rue La La website.

In addition to solving the specific challenges of this campaign, BrightTag Fuse created an intelligent data foundation that provides Rue La La with unlimited future possibilities for exchanging information across its many marketing and analytics partners.

Rue La La’s outcome was a 10% lift in conversion rate.  By enabling Rue La La’s remarketing vendor to access data from its CRM system,  BrightTag helped the retailer achieve success in a key customer segmentation effort, according to the case study.

Rue La La gained more than a one-time solution with BrightTag Fuse,  the retailer, established a foundation for strategically leveraging its cross-channel data assets in real time.

Rue La La was able to become more agile, flexible and precise with its targeting strategy when it changed the way its data is connected and integrated across its digital ecosystem.

As a result,  it took greater control of its customer data to become more efficient with its media spend and reduce wasted impressions.

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    what CRM platform did they integrate with?