Sure Fit launches Spanish-language consumer Website

To better target the Hispanic market, slipcovers manufacturer/marketer Sure Fit has launched a Spanish-language Website. “This is something we really thought a lot about,” says Charles Levin, president of Sure Fit’s direct-to-consumer business. “We know that there is a large audience of Hispanic people who are currently enjoying our products, but we had not previously made an effort to reach them.”

The Website includes an online catalog (Compre Productos), as well as Spanish-language customer support. Prior to opening the site in November, Allentown, PA-based Sure Fit hired and trained bilingual customer service representatives for its call center. It also offers Spanish-language support materials such as the slipcover fit and measuring guides.

But Levin points out that “we didn’t want to approach this just from a linguistic point of view; we felt that we needed to do it from a cultural and idiomatic point of view” to do it right. That’s why Sure Fit has revamped the colors and styles of many of its products for the Hispanic site. It also includes a two-minute video overview of the line on the site.

“We are really, truly just scratching the surface of [the Hispanic] market,” notes Levin. With the site, “we’re trying to go to where they’re at, and make them have a better buying experience.”