Teens Ask For Gadgets As They Head Back-to-School

Aug 12, 2013 3:14 PM  By

Teenagers are headed back-to-school tech savvy and ready to go,  after a recent back-to-school survey found that teenagers are focused on gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

According to the 2013 Back-to-School Survey, which was first reported by Yahoo, 15% of respondents want smartphones, 14% want laptops and 10% want tablets.

Mark Moran, marketing vice president for Ebates and Fatwallet.com said, the number one choice in a smartphone this year is an iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S4 was number two.

According to the article, of all teens surveyed, 31% want the iPhone5 versus just 18% wanting the Samsung Galaxy S4 with 23% willing to take any smartphone.

When teens were asked what computing products they wanted for school this year, 32% of all teens said they want laptops, while 23% want iPads.   According to the results, 10% of teens want Android tablets and only 2% want Kindles.

Seven percent of teen respondents said they want a desktop computer and 25% of teenagers said they do not want any of these products.

Moran said they are seeing more and more people are shopping online due to convenience, pricing, return policies and online penetration.

“It’s a way to shop for a great deal,” said Moran. “It’s becoming more and more of an online event, whereas two years ago they may have pulled the trigger and gone offline,” said Moran.