My Teleflora Experience

Oct 02, 2013 11:21 AM  By

I recently had to order flowers online for a wake I was attending, and after the order was all said and done, I realized I had forgotten to put everyone’s name on the card.

Immediately I contacted customer service, thinking, “oh they aren’t going to be able to change it now, it’s too late.”

I set myself up to be disappointed, but I was surprised by what actually happened:

When I made the call, an automated person speaks to you asking whether this is a new order or an existing order,  once you press the number “2”  on your phone for existing order, it automatically recognizes who you are and asks if the sender’s name is ….. and then asks if the recipient’s name is …… I thought the fact that this was that easy, is just too good to be true.

Before I made the call, I thought I am going to have to go through the whole process of telling Teleflora all this information, but instead they took care of it for me.

The call was routed to a customer service representative who immediately was able to take of my correction and even asked me to confirm the recipient to make sure the card was correct and it got to the right location.

The woman followed up by letting me know all the information would be updated with the florist placing the order.

I have to say this was the easiest customer service experience I have ever encountered in such a short time. Many thanks  to Teleflora.