Top 5 User Testing Tips for Shopping Cart Success

Sep 21, 2013 4:26 PM  By

usabilityWatching a customer abandon a cart is a heartbreaking experience for ecommerce store owners, and the bad news is that it happens every day. The Baymard Institute reports that the average online store will see 2 out of 3 customers abandon their shopping carts. That problem alone drives down other key performance metrics, such as revenue per visit.

The good news is that it’s possible to reach beyond the analytics and learn why shoppers are leaving. By watching customers interact with the shopping cart, and by asking the right questions about their experience, store owners can identify opportunities to improve their carts to increase conversions.

Many ecommerce sites unknowingly confuse their customers and make it difficult to place an order. Usability testing can help store owners improve their shopping carts to eliminate any anxiety or confusion throughout the checkout process and lead customers seamlessly through the conversion funnel.

To help owners utilize usability testing to beat the shopping cart abandonment average, we’ve pulled together this list of the top five user testing tips for ecommerce.


  • Liz Lynch

    I hate to see someone abandon the cart, but I wouldn’t describe it as heartbreaking. Let’s reserve that for something truly painful, like watching a parent or child suffer, a spouse walking out after 15 years, or even a high school team just missing winning their division. Cart abandon is a challenge, but it’s not heartbreaking.

  • Todd Hyle

    The reason why some are abandoning their shopping cart is some retailers will not disclose the “special sale price” until we enter it to our shopping cart. One marketing ploy is affecting the other.

  • Alon Even

    Thanks for your precious tips.

    I’d like to stress the importance of testing the mobile experience. That is to say,
    companies should measure, understand and improve the user experience on their mobile site and within their apps by using mobile app analytics tools.Using traditional analytics is
    not enough if you want to know WHY your customers abandoned your shopping cart. Visual mobile analytics tools, such as Appsee (, that provide user recordings and heatmaps, enable to see and understand exactly how customers interact
    with your shopping cart, detect what problems they’re experiencing and improve the shopping experience. By improving the shopping experience, companies will increase conversions, engagement and reduce abandonment rate.