Top 5 User Testing Tips for Shopping Cart Success

Sep 21, 2013 4:26 PM  By

Tip 1: Test Security Indicators

trustmarkOnline purchasing may be growing, but consumers remain concerned about the privacy and security of their data. The threat of identity theft looms large, and highly publicized data breaches and data selling diminish consumer confidence. The burden is on retailers to prove that their systems are secure and that they protect customer data.

How to test it
Ask users what security information is important to them, and whether they can find it, such as:

  • Trust symbols to show that the checkout process has been verified by a third party.
  • Privacy policy. Even though many don’t read it, a clearly visible privacy policy can instill confidence that the company is concerned about protecting user data.
  • 3rd party payment methods, which allow consumers to limit the number of companies they share credit card data with.


  • Liz Lynch

    I hate to see someone abandon the cart, but I wouldn’t describe it as heartbreaking. Let’s reserve that for something truly painful, like watching a parent or child suffer, a spouse walking out after 15 years, or even a high school team just missing winning their division. Cart abandon is a challenge, but it’s not heartbreaking.

  • Todd Hyle

    The reason why some are abandoning their shopping cart is some retailers will not disclose the “special sale price” until we enter it to our shopping cart. One marketing ploy is affecting the other.

  • Alon Even

    Thanks for your precious tips.

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