Twice As Many Mobile Shoppers in 2011

Nov 09, 2011 10:54 PM  By

There are twice as many mobile shoppers in 2011 compared to 2010, according to a survey conducted by Oracle Communications.

The percentage of shoppers who use their mobile phone to make online purchases doubled to 18%, from 9% in 2010, according to the survey. The survey includes more than 3,000 mobile phone users around the world.

The report titled, “ Opportunity Calling: The Future of Mobile Communications – Take Two,” included about 20% of the respondents from either the U.S. or Canada – 57% of respondents say they use one mobile phone; 43% say they use two or more.

North American consumers have also used their mobile phones to:
· Read customer reviews (25%)
· Comparison shop (23%)
· Scan a QR code in an ad or article (15%)

The survey also shows consumers’ desire for mobile tablet devices. Worldwide, 16% of mobile customers already have a tablet, and 41% plan to purchase one in the next year. In North America, 10% own a tablet now, and 26% plan to purchase one during the coming year.

Cross channel is the key: 30% of customers have comparison shopped using their mobile phone; 24% have read customer reviews on their mobile phone; and 14% have scanned a QR code in an ad or article.

Despite the rise in mobile shoppers, 68% of the respondents said they were either unsure or didn’t think the information stored or transmitted by their mobile phone was secure.