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week of 7/5/2017
Improving the Bench Strength of Your Operations Managers
If you've been around long enough, you know there's a shortage of experienced managers in retail, catalog and now ecommerce operations for decades. To help counter that trend, here are some thoughts on how to develop better operations managers for your direct-to-customer or ecommerce business.…»
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New Report: New Technologies to Drive Customer Satisfaction
Download this report for an overview on the investments available to upgrade your end-to-end fulfillment operations.
4 Tips for Effective Inventory Management
Inventory management is a pain point that plagues many retailers. Without an effective strategy, companies can make critical mistakes: tie up capital in excess inventory, create picking errors in the warehouse and even miss sales opportunities due to out-of-stock products. Here are four tips to help retailers develop an inventory plan that works.…»
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3 Ways to Get Ahead of Evolving Customer Needs
There is no question – the retail environment is being redefined, and retailers are being challenged to think differently about consumer demands. Here are three ways to adapt to the evolving customer. …»
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New Report: MCM Outlook 2017: Ecommerce Growth in Double Digits
Download this new special report for the stats and trends you need to help you plan and benchmark your enterprise to take full advantage of this era of strong ecommerce growth.
3 Threats to Retail Success During Holiday Peak Season
Many retailers are already preparing for the holiday season, and most definitely should as early as Amazon Prime Day on July 11. In a recent study by Radial, peak season accounts for more than 30% of total yearly sales for retailers, which means even one small slip-up can affect annual revenues. Before retailers go into the holiday season, here are three threats they need to watch for.…»
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Study Finds Expectations Not Being Met in Ecommerce Delivery
Retailers can increase revenue by offering more shipping choices for shoppers, according to a new report from Temando, which also revealed a wide gap between consumer expectations and what retailers deliver.…»
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New from MCM: Balancing Sustainability and Protection in Ecommerce Packaging
Download to learn the latest developments in protective and “green” packaging, how major brands thread the needle between protection and the environment, how an approach that combines both helps drive customer loyalty and more!
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Director of Communications
University of Missouri System – Colubia, MO

Capital Impact Partners – Arlington, VA

E-Commerce Manager
Randstad Technologies – Atlanta, GA

Director of Marketing
EL Education – New York, NY

Manager, Marketing
CutisPharma, Inc. – Wilmington, Massachusetts

Director of Annual Giving
University of Northern Colorado – Greeley, CO

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