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week of 6/27/2017
Combating the 5 Reasons Shoppers Don’t Contribute User-Generated Content
User-generated content (UGC) such as ratings, reviews, Q&A and product photos may be key to engage the holiday shopper and get the sale. The problem is, shoppers aren't contributing. Here are the top five ways to combat why shoppers aren't contributing user-generated content. …»
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[Webinar] 2017 Holiday Prep: 5 Cross-Channel Strategies to Acquire, Engage and Convert
Join Listrak and ROI Revolution as we reflect on last year’s holiday trends and share strategies that create the ideal cross-channel experience from acquisition to conversion. Register Now.
Walmart Asks Partners and Suppliers to Get off Amazon Web Services
In the wake of Amazon’s announcement that it plans to acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, Walmart is asking its partners and suppliers to take their software services off of the Amazon Web Services cloud network. …»
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10 Tips For Retailers Looking To Expand Into Wholesale
Wholesaling comes with several advantages for retailers who are looking to expand the total market reach of their products. Here are 10 tips for retailers looking to expand into wholesale. …»
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Build a Better Marketing List
Target your best prospects by specific regions or demographics with a Melissa mailing list – and we’ll even throw in a 15% discount! We provide 100s of lists for consumers, businesses, homeowners, donors, voters, and more. All lists are NCOALink® and CASS™ processed and come with our 95% Deliverability Guarantee. So, which mailing list is perfect for you?
Bridging the Online-Offline Personalization Gap
Consumers are so keyed in about personalization that a recent study found 40% of online shoppers expect that multichannel merchants know about their offline purchases and factor those into their marketing emails. Here is how you can bridge the online-offline personalization gap. …»
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3 Ways to Engage With the Customer After Checkout
Repeat customers are critical to the success of an entrepreneur’s business, but the best way to authentically connect with customers is often shrouded in mystery. Here are three ways retailers can still engage with them after the checkout is complete. …»
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New from MCM: Balancing Sustainability and Protection in Ecommerce Packaging

Download to learn the latest developments in protective and “green” packaging, how major brands thread the needle between protection and the environment, how an approach that combines both helps drive customer loyalty and more!

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