Retail Facebook Posts We Want to Share

Aug 22, 2013 3:40 PM  By

Retail Facebook posts used to be all about driving sales. But now, retailers are finding the right balance between promotional posts and fun things Facebook find Shareworthy. In this post, the staff of Multichannel Merchant shares retail Facebook posts it finds interesting, informative and fun.

At least he didn’t drop the ladder… Fun With Memes (Tim Parry) 


My wife would like to reorganize my closet by throwing out my 100+ t-shirt collection. #Firstworldproblems (Tim Parry)


Loaded question: Lenny Kravitz now, or Lenny Kravitz 1989? (Tim Parry)


Bringing a face to the brand. Makes me want to say, “Hey, Scott, nice jet ski!” (Tim Parry)