Action Bags’ Jaimey Wilman is Inspired by Etsy

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jaimey-wilmanNAME: Jaimey Wilman
COMPANY: Action Bag Company
JOB TITLE: Director of Marketing

Here’s how social media helps me in my everyday life: I can keep in touch and up to date on the latest happenings – both personal and professional.

Here’s how social media helps my business grow: Brand awareness and engagement.

The best lesson I learned about social media is: It is constantly changing – keep up!

My favorite channel to shop in is: Ecommerce. Life is so busy it is easy to pop on a website and place an order at any time of day. No hassle factors such as store hours, parking, store inventory etc.

When I’m not shopping on my own site, my favorite place to shop is: Lately my favorite site is Etsy. I love the creative and unique items. I always leave the site feeling inspired.

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If there’s one merchant I could emulate, it’s: I would love to have conversion driven Amazon design, the user friendliness of ebags, and the visual appeal of Etsy.

The biggest technology enhancement I need to help grow my business is: A better mobile/table strategy.

My favorite place to travel for business is: Anywhere but Vegas – when you go there multiple times a year it loses the appeal.

When I’m not travelling for business, I like to visit: Family all over the Midwest, a beach or two, and Europe.

The best advice I received from a boss, friend, mentor or family member is:Business Advice – No matter what you are marketing, know your target customers. The “how” on the marketing piece will come from that intimate knowledge of the customer. Personal advice – Life is short so go out and live it!

When I’m not working: I’m an avid fitness fan, I love reading (usually a good mystery book), I enjoy gardening, and making memories with family and friends.

My hidden talent is: If I tell you, it won’t be hidden anymore :)

If I could have one superhero power, it would be: Super speed – imagine what I could get done in a day!

If I went to my high school class reunion today, my classmates: Wouldn’t be surprised. I was a straight-A student self with a creative side so they would likely see me in something business with an artistic flair – marketing management seems to fit!

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a: teacher but I like to think my management role allows me to teach and mentor others to go confidently towards their dreams.

  • michele_salmon

    Great interview, Jaimey! And very good insights into the value of social media and in knowing your target when marketing. Thank you for sharing. Michele

  • Jaimey Wilman

    Thanks, Michele! One thing we know is that technology is constantly changing the game. Have to keep up to speed and see how best it relates to your target customer.