How to Achieve Profitability in Global Ecommerce

Jun 24, 2014 3:35 PM  By


Can I make any money with global ecommerce? Are overcoming the challenges and complexities worth it? Much is made of the promise of global ecommerce – but how profitable will it really be?

There are many issues that can rob your profit margins, including unexpected customer charges, problems with tracking packages, local clearances and restrictions and delivery delays. The lure of new markets and increased revenue is appealing – but is profitable global ecommerce achievable?

The answer is yes – and the solution lies in providing price-sensitive web consumers a high level of customer service and value. To get there, retailers must make these achievable goals a high priority: provide customers with a guaranteed landed cost before they buy; give them accurate delivery times; provide accurate package tracking.

Miss any of these fundamental steps, and the above issues can quickly erode margins and curtail repeat business.

This session, with Case Studies from Rickshaw Bagworks and PlanetShoes, will provide actionable insights that will help you structure your global ecommerce program in order to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty – and ensure profitability. 

Key takeaways:

  • How to create a cost-efficient international delivery network
  • How to provide global customers with complete landed costs
  • How to simplify the complexities of clearances and restrictions
  • Insights into market sizes and growth rates from Pitney Bowes market intelligence update


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    This is an ongoing challenge for businesses involved with e commerce to keep profitability via different business models.