INFOGRAPHIC: The B2B Ecommerce Evolution

Jul 14, 2014 1:23 PM  By

Make no mistake; the B2B ecommerce software market is even bigger than its more famous sibling, the B2C market, and independent software vendors stand to make big bucks selling to business and organizations of all kinds.

Although B2B software companies understand how to create software products that solve amazingly complex problems and improve the performance of individuals in all roles and at all levels of organizations everywhere, they do not understand what it takes to succeed in ecommerce. This is not because their sales team is bad at what they do. It’s because the buyers of B2B software take notoriously complex paths to purchase.

This infographic from cleverbridge describes this path, and how websites are complementing offline selling techniques and explain how selling software to business buyers has changed from 20 years ago to today.

cleverbridge B2B Infographic
Building Keystones – B2B E-commerce Evolution [Infographic]

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    Here’s another informative whitepaper on B2B Commerce by the leading ecommerce consultancy, FitForCommerce. “B2B Commerce Effectiveness: 5 Key Components of Successful B2B Commerce”. You can download it for free here:

  • Emma Coulson

    Really fascinating to see how far we’ve come. Here’s another great read: The Top 20 Most Notable E-commerce Moments. This infographic tells the story.