That’s Cute: Social Meowdia Explained

Aug 30, 2013 12:36 PM  By

We’ve seen the “Social Media Explained” meme floating around cyberspace (and during webinars, and conference presentations, and yes, I’ve used it on several occasions myself). Avalaunch Media took it a step further with the below infographic.

We shared “Social Meowdia Explained” on our Facebook page, and the shares and likes were (for us) off the charts. Now we know not everyone loves cats, but everyone loves infographics. So click “Social Meowdia Explained” below, and you’ll learn how you can better target Grumpy Cat.

Click the infographic to enlarge it:


  • dmmink

    Thanks for sharing this! By the way, we have now made a video version of the graphic that you might want to check out —