A Big Challenge for Online Businesses: Replatforming

Dec 09, 2013 11:40 AM  By

A big challenge for online businesses these days is replacing their back-end system.  According to this infographic by Monetate,  for online merchants there are three reasons why they choose to replatform: the need to stay competitive,  their existing platform falls short of promised capabilities and  customer driven pressures.

Replatforming: Don’t Digg Your Own GraveMonetate Marketing Infographics

  • BillOnion

    This article make a ton of sense. We often recommend to our clients that the replatform project should be a ‘like to like’ project. Then, take on the business process improvement (BPI) project after the new software is in place. This allows the teams to learn how the base software functions, doing things they already know how to do – before utilizing the new features / functionality.