MyBuys Announces MyAds GeoTargeting at IRCE 2014

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SAN MATEO, Calif. – June 10, 2014 – MyBuys, provider of coordinated personalization solutions for display ads, email, websites and mobile, today announced the availability of MyAds GeoTargeting. The solution helps retailers drive online consumers to specific brick-and-mortar stores using behavioral data and geo-targeted digital advertising. MyAds GeoTargeting is powered by the MyBuys Active Shopper Database, which contains more than 250 million anonymous consumer profiles and their shopping and purchase behaviors. Combining this data with location information allows retailers to tailor campaigns around specific locations and maximize the amount of high quality traffic for new store openings and other promotional events.

“The lines between online and offline commerce continue to blur as more retailers are seeing omni-channel concepts turned into working solutions,” said MyBuys Inc. President and CEO Rita Brogley. “The key to omni-channel success is having a shared, central repository of consumer intelligence that ties these disparate channels together and gives consumers a consistent, personalized experience every time and everywhere they shop. MyBuys GeoTargeting is another innovative application that we’re able to deliver simply by drawing from this core data asset.”

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Key benefits and features of MyAds GeoTargeting include:

  • Efficient scale and more traffic. MyBuys recognizes more than 250 million consumers and the one billion devices they use to browse and buy across the Internet. This enables MyAds GeoTargeting to intelligently target a large volume of high quality shoppers and expand the scope of campaigns beyond a zip code.
  • Optimized marketing spend. MyBuys captures behavioral and shopper life stage insights and maintains up to 18 months of consumer history with the ability to overcome cookie loss. This wealth of data allows retailers to fine tune campaigns by dynamically increasing or decreasing bid amounts and the number of impressions served based upon the unique characteristics of each individual consumer – not just based on a pre-defined segment. In doing so, MyBuys is able to automatically optimize the marketing spend on every campaign to drive brand awareness and in-store traffic in a more cost-effective manner.
  • Multi-channel targeting. With MyBuys’ cross-channel capabilities, retailers are able to target online shoppers, who would otherwise be deemed “anonymous” by any single retailer, with personalized display advertising. In addition, MyBuys is able to augment media advertising with targeted email marketing to known and opted-in consumers. Reaching consumers across multiple channels with consistent, personalized messaging is proven to significantly increase engagement and response rates, driving even more traffic to offline events.

“As the retail industry continues to evolve, retailers understand the need to take advantage of customer data to create cohesive messages across every channel to optimize conversion opportunities,” said e-tailing group President Lauren Freedman. “With MyAds GeoTargeting, retailers are able to make a deeper connection with customers through targeted location-based advertising that leverages their online shopping behaviors. Synergies between online and offline is a must in today’s competitive retail climate.”

MyBuys will be at IRCE in Chicago from June 10-13, 2014 at booth number 921.

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MyBuys provides coordinated personalization solutions for display ads, email, websites and mobile devices to retailers, brands and agencies. We automate and deliver billions of targeted offers each day using our Active Shopper Database comprised of the behaviors and purchase intent of 250 million consumers. MyBuys has been named the top provider of personalization solutions to the IR500 every year since 2009, and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Ann Arbor, New York and London. Visit for more information.