4 Methods to Drive Revenue Using Purchase History

Apr 09, 2013 9:23 PM  By

Online-PaymentDo you know your customers?  Keeping your customers may be as challenging as gaining one.  But you can drive revenue by using past purchasing history to create targeted relevant messages.  Timing is essential when it comes to providing the right information.  Tapping into invaluable order data is the first step, according to a blog post by Bronto.com. From there, how do you determine content and messaging? 

Here are four methods to drive revenue based on purchase history: 

 1.  Bounceback Messaging:  Send incentives as a reward for a recent purchase, consider using a strategy to promote recent purchases, but make sure to take the timeline into consideration.   Use shipping date data to segment this message appropriately.  Another option would be to try a category-specific offer for products that would complement what was already purchased. 

 2. Make Recommendations:  Making recommendations based on purchase history is great because they make sense to promote in a variety of different message types.  Promotional messages can be centered entirely on recommendations to sections within transactional messages.  Recommendations can be a great fit to enticing the second purchase. 

 3. Segmentation:  Knowing what your customer bought in the past can help determine the products the customer may be interested in purchasing now or in the future.  Target the customer in a way that lets them know you get them.  Simply altering content based on what you know about a customer can make an impact. 

 4. Upsell and Cross-Sell:  Upselling and crossing products should specifically be complimentary to the previously purchased item.  These types of recommendations are extremely valuable and can really help push the next order. 

Click HERE to read the full blog post by Anna Pfeiffer, Marketing Strategist at Bronto.