ALC and Millard Launch Data Portal

Mar 14, 2005 8:08 PM  By

Last week American List Counsel and Millard Group created an Internet-based, interactive data exchange system, DMexchange, to allow participants to exchange list order and shipping information via a secure Website.

“Our industry still relies on the fax machine and telephone as the primary tools for sending and receiving critical list ordering information,” explains Jason Rembert, ALC’s chief technology officer. “The problem is, they take up a lot of time and require a great deal of manual labor that can be better utilized. What’s more, there is little accountability.”

DMexchange, he says, will replace those methods of communicating order-related information with a secure electronic channel through which list companies can exchange data and information digitally. List firms, both large and small, will be able to streamline order processing and gain operational efficiencies.

DMexchange provides a central switching location that allows list brokers, list managers, and service bureaus to upload and download their information in a secure environment that enables participating companies to maintain the integrity of their firewalls. Format error checking is performed at the DMexchange Website, and users are notified if any issues are found. A variety of customized reports is available to each participant.

Subscriber-based participation is open to all companies in the list industry and is easy to implement. Firms register at to obtain a user ID and password for secured log-in. Shipping and acknowledgement information can then be uploaded through a standard FTP client or through the Web interface. Information is obtained by selecting a time period and other required parameters.