Bissig Out at Millard-Mokrynski

Jul 19, 2007 3:05 AM  By

Dennis Bissig last week left list firm Millard-Mokrynski Group, less than a month after parent company infoUSA announced that it would merge Millard Group with Mokrynskidirect. InfoUSA purchased Millard in November 2005 for $12 million, and Mokrynskidirect in May 2006 for $8 million.

Bissig, who had been president of Hackensack, NJ-based Mokrynskidirect, was named senior vice president of Millard-Mokrynski Group when the merger was announced June 18. Ben Perez, former president of Peterborough, NH-based Millard Group, became the head of Millard-Mokrynski.

But Bissig was not the only casualty: Perez confirms that about a dozen people were either let go or left voluntarily since the merger, both because of duplication of positions and a “recalibration” of the business. “We have two strong brands serving the market, and the best talents and services to support them,” Perez says. “What we are trying to do is develop the strongest single entity.”

Millard-Mokrynski, which becomes one of the largest business-to-consumer list firms, will be headquartered out of the former Millard building. But there are no plans to close the Hackensack office.

“There are a lot of moving parts in this merger,” Perez says. “There is strong leadership group in place in the New Jersey office, and it came down to us feeling that the initiatives there would still be in great hands” without a senior executive.