New Products

Jun 12, 2006 6:14 AM  By

Glen Ellyn, IL-based direct marketing service provider GlaserDirect has introduced B2BPredictor, a profiling and data-enhancement tool for business-to-business marketers. The company says B2BPredictor builds on traditional profiling efforts by measuring and adding critical demographics to client databases. Powered by the resources of DM2, B2BPredictor is designed to expand target audiences for clients by adding new contacts within current customer companies and identifying new prospect companies for marketing efforts.

World Marketing, a Dallas-based provider of integrated direct marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, has unveiled InsideTrack, a proprietary service providing direct marketers the ability to strategically place, manage, and expedite mail. InsideTrack uses U.S. Postal Service Planet (Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique) codes to identify and track mail from the moment it enters the delivery stream until it reaches the mail carrier. While many other companies offer Planet code tracking, World Marketing says that because of its relationship with the USPS, its service can better address problems, expedite processes, and keep mail moving at the desired rate.

After more than two years in development and beta-testing, Norwalk, CT-based eWayDirect, has launched Direct|Delivery, its hosted branded desktop application. When an e-mail campaign is sent by a direct marketer, a branded icon located in the recipient’s tool tray blinks to announce a message, and a branded notification slides up on the recipient’s screen to provide additional information about the message. By clicking on the icon or the branded notification the recipient is taken to a branded message center hosted on eWayDirect servers. This ensures that campaigns are delivered, rather than ending up in a spam box or a cluttered inbox–or not arriving at all. There is no privacy issue, according to eWayDirect, since customers receive the icons and message notifications only from companies whose services they requested.