Don’t Give Up on Co-registration

May 06, 2008 12:28 AM  By

Co-registration is working as an online customer acquisition tool in the world of magazine subscriptions, according to ePost Direct president Michelle Feit.

And if it works for that market, maybe direct merchants should piggyback their e-mail offers, she said last week at the Direct Media Co-op.

“71% of the U.S. population is using the Internet, so there’s more of an opportunity to touch our future customer online than ever before,” Feit said.

Co-registration is already a $300 million industry, and should grow tremendously over the next couple of years, Feit said. Which is why she feels merchants and advertisers need to learn the proper way to get on board.

So what is co-registration? In one sense, it’s co-mailing in the e-commerce channel. But unlike co-mailing, your partners don’t have to produce a mailing of equal sizes to take advantage of a partnership.

The process simply involves putting your offer on someone else’s Web site wherever the registration process is. The concept is while the recipient is signing up and giving their information to the primary merchant, you have the opportunity to put your offer in front of them and ask if they want to receive more information.

“And if they say yes, you get to own all that data about that individual,” Feit said. “It’s permission based, it’s opt-in, and it shows a higher level of interest.”

When that happens, an automated e-mail is sent to that individual that says yes, so you are in the recipient’s e-mail box immediately. You then own the lead and can own any and all components of the data, based on your goal of building your e-mail list.

But of course, the offer has to be something that would possibly peak your partner’s interest, yet not be a rival to the registrar’s core business. So for example, a seller of office furniture would have better luck doing a co-registration with a computer seller or an office supply retailer than with a sporting goods manufacturer.

“You want to get your offer to the appropriate people so you can get as much conversion as possible,” Feit said.