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New lists

Celebrate Express Files

The party retailer has released a corporate master file of 843,031 12-month buyers who bought party supplies and costumes. Customers typically are 25-45 years old with an annual household income of more than $100,000.

Selects: (depending on file): Age, income, child’s age range/gender, last/cumulative purchase amount, home-owner/renter, holiday buyers, ALEXA enhancements, state/SCF/ZIP

Cost: $100/M (last-12-month buyers)

Contact: Adrea Rubin Management, 646-487-3792 or

Discovery Girls Magazine

Discovery Girls, a bimonthly title geared for girls 7 to 12, has a total of 130,336 subscribers, and a separate Canadian file offers 12,566 subscribers. Records are addressed to the family or the parents of these girls.

Selects: Age, hotlines, source, state/SCF/ZIP

Cost: $100/M (U.S. subscribers); $110/M (Canadian subscribers)

Contact: Lake Group Media, 914-925-2406 or

Journal of Longevity

Health Quest Publications offers a list of 273,129 24-month buyers from the Journal of Longevity magalog. The average order for dietary supplements was $75. Customers are typically 65 or older, and the source is 88% direct mail.

Selects: Hotlines, age, credit card, dollar, gender, product, multibuyers, source state/SCF/ZIP

Cost: $125/M

Contact: Conrad Direct, 201-567-3200 or

Lane Bryant

The buyer file for the new Lane Bryant catalog consists of 124,572 buyers of women’s clothing sizes 14 to 28. The average customer is age 50 with a $55,000 income. No telemarketing is allowed.

Selects: Purchase amount (ranges), hotlines, product, single/multibuyers, cash/credit, size, state/SCF/ZIP

Cost: $105/M

Contact: ALC Data Management, 914-524-5271 or

Buy and Build Credit Catalog Shoppers

Some 463,155 buyers who received a credit card and a $500 line of credit from a catalog during the past 12 months are for rent. The file includes individuals for whom this is their first credit card. Direct mail is the source.

Selects: Hotlines, age, income, gender, homeowner, state/SCF/ZIP

Cost: $85/M

Contact: Macromark, 845-230-6300 or

Nylon Magazine

The list of 97,497 subscribers to Nylon magazine targets predominantly fashion conscious women, typically 18-34. The sources are direct mail and direct to publisher

Selects: Gender, source, state/SCF/ZIP

Cost: $110/M

Contact: Statlistics, 203-778-8700 or

New management

Barrie Pace

This list of 146,021 Barrie Pace womens’ apparel catalog buyers includes 78,361 from the past 12 months. A typical customer is 40 to 65 with a $125,000 or higher income. The unit of sale for women’s apparel and accessories runs $300 and higher. The sources are catalogs and the Internet.

Selects: Hotlines, purchase amount (ranges), product, size, state/SCF/ZIP

Cost: $120/M

Contact: Direct Media, 203-532-2445 or

Herbal Plus Male Potency

The Herbal Plus list of men’s potency products buyers identifies more than 20,000 customers. Separate list segments are available for buyers from the second, third, and fourth quarters of 2007. Sales were generated with space advertising.

Selects: Gender, state/SCF/ZIP

Cost: $110/M

Contact: Net60 LLC, 718-667-3434 or