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New lists

Muscle Car Review

Source Interlink Media has released a list of 9,765 subscribers to Muscle Car Review. Most recipients are men, median age 46. The source is 80% direct to publisher.

Cost: $105/M

Selects: Six-month hotline, age, income, source, paid, lifestyle, state/SCF/ZIP

Contact: Specialists Marketing Services, 603-431-2873 or

PrizeAmerica Sweepstakes Entrants

This list offers names of 1.6 million consumers who entered the PrizeAmerica online sweepstakes. Postal and e-mail addresses plus telephone numbers are available. Participants’ average age is 42, two-thirds are women, and the median household income $50,000.

Cost: $95/M (monthly postal hotline)

Selects: Hotlines, gender, age range, credit card, multi-responders, e-mail domain, cell phone number, date of birth, state/SCF/ZIP

Contact: Adrea Rubin Management, 646-487-3792 or

Profile America Ultra Sports Fans

Many of these 14.6 million individuals have played sports and most watch sports on TV. Segments are available for baseball, basketball, football, hockey and NASCAR enthusiasts. Direct mail and surveys are the sources.

Cost: $65/M

Selects: Quarterly hotline, age, children by age, home-owner, income, telephone number, area code, state/SCF/ZIP

Contact: Profile America List, 201-569-7272 or

Military Issue

Sky Media now offers a customer list from its Military Issue catalog, a spin-off from the Historic Aviation catalog. It offers 21,476 buyers and 4,000 catalog requesters from the last 12 months. The unit of sale was $75 for military collectibles.

Cost: $100/M (12-month buyers)

Contact: Lake Group Media, 914-925-2406 or


Names for 496,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender consumers have been gathered from 100 sources. This database consists of donors, catalog buyers, newsletter subscribers, book buyers, and other politically active consumers.

Cost: $95/M

Selects: Age range, catalog and gift buyers, donors, dwelling type, ethnicity, gender, homeowner, household income, length of residence, lifestyle, telephone number, presence of children, registered voter, subscribers, state/SCF/ZIP

Contact: ALC Data Management, 609-580-2843 or

Buyer Advantage Going Green

Health conscious and environmentally concerned consumers are included in this list of 729,010. Sources include online, registrations, telemarketing and sweepstakes.

Cost: $85/M

Selects: Monthly hotline, magazine subscribers, vitamin and herbal supplements, natural food store shopper, age, gender, homeowner, marital status, presence of children, telephone number, income, lifestyle, multibuyers, catalog buyers, demographics, state, SCF/ZIP

Contact: Focus USA, 603-635-1842 or

New management

Blair Lists and Insert Media

A master file includes more than 1.5 million people who purchased home products and apparel during the last six months; enhancements are available. Some 2.1 million women’s and 562,000 men’s apparel buyers from the last 12 months are named on separate segments. The average catalog order was $60. No telemarketing is allowed.

Cost: $95/M

Selects: Purchase amount ranges, hotlines, cash/credit card, gender, Irvine Park/Scandia Woods brands, large size, single/multibuyers, product, source, state/SCF/ZIP

Contact: Millard Group, 704-895-0820 or

Financial Assets Group Investors

More than 90% of the 1.8 million stock and mutual fund investors on the list are men above the age of 40. Telephone numbers are available. The source is direct mail.

Cost: $110/M

Selects: Gender, state/SCF/ZIP

Contact: Impulse Media, 203-207-0227 or

Bass Times/Bassmaster Magazine

The membership list of the fishing organization Bass, plus the subscription files for Bass Times and Bassmaster Magazine, includes 86,437 and 465,809 subscribers, respectively. The source is 70% direct mail.

Cost: $110/M

Selects: Gender, state/SCF/ZIP

Contact: Statlistics, 203-778-8700 or