Model Online Prospects Before Sending Catalog

Jul 09, 2007 8:55 PM  By

How many times has this happened? You get an Internet lead, you mail a book to the prospect, and they never make a purchase. Just because a requestor wants your catalog doesn’t mean it’s a legitimate prospect at all.

This happened way too often for Endless Pools, giving the niche health and fitness merchant a major of influx of poor leads. Sending materials – in this case a book and a DVD – to every Internet lead was eating away at marketing dollars.

Citing a client case study at DM Days in New York last month, Patrick Hanrahan, president of Eagle Eye Marketing, said modeling each Internet lead before spending marketing dollars solved the problem.

Send the Internet prospects out for modeling, using every available source, Hanrahan says. Don’t just look at the demographic data and purchase history before deciding, you need information from other sources, like credit data.

“There’s a ton of data sources out there, but the question is always what to use,” Hanrahan said. “You want to use any data that will predict whether they are the right customer for you.”