Quick Tip: Use Customer Data for Custom Landing Pages

Sep 17, 2007 9:41 PM  By

Have you thought about using your house file to set up custom landing pages for your customers? Michelle Farabaugh, a partner with catalog consultancy Lenser, not only advised considering them, but provided proof that custom landing pages can work Friday during a Webinar sponsored by Lenser and marketing services provider Naehas.

A custom landing page is one set up with your customer’s information (such as past purchase information) embedded in it, and includes your customer’s name as an extension of the URL. A customer is informed about the Website either by e-mail, or an ink-jetted message on the catalog cover.

Food cataloger World’s Finest Chocolates tried this last holiday season with positive results, Farabaugh said. Each customer’s landing page included previous order information, personalized offers, and product recommendations. An ink jet message on the front of the print catalog drove consumers to www.WFCoffer.com/(name).

The merchant tested two segments over multiple catalog drops, and conducted A/B splits on both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer files. The tests measured personalized catalogs with customized landing pages vs. catalogs with regular offers with no personalization.

World’s Finest Chocolate’s b-to-b segment saw a 45% response lift and a 56% rise in average order volume during the first drop, which took place in the early fall of 2006 to 60,000 names. The consumer list saw an overall 8% customer response lift, and an average order volume lift of 3%.