5 Hottest Trends for Effective Ecommerce Emails

Oct 26, 2013 12:30 PM  By

email-button-300According to analytical firm Custora, customer purchase through email has increased to almost 7% in the last four years. They further concluded that email (with 0.88%) was 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter (0.01% each) at acquiring ecommerce customers.

Only an insignificant percentage of customers make purchases via Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, after powerful organic search and CPC advertising, email marketing takes third place as a popular and efficient marketing medium. When it comes to cost, email marketing is by far the cheapest marketing tool of all.

Custora also confirms that customers, retained through emails, are more reliable and 11% more valuable than the average customers and tend to spend more and purchase more.

When your prospect is stronger, then ecommerce merchants should be more careful improving their email marketing strategies and its effectiveness. Following discussed ideas can be considered for effective ecommerce marketing emails

Have a firm and singular focus
Ecommerce marketers are quite likely to think that sending frequent emails especially during holidays or special days will attract more customers but on the contrary the result is opposite to your expectation. They not only get distracted but also give less value to your regular promotional emails. They tend to spend less time reading those messages.

Therefore, instead of making your customers bored with frequent numbers of promotional messages, send them a focused singular message containing a particular category or item or sale in every email.

Chose a convincing and interesting subject 
In order to convince your customers, one doesn’t have to keep sending frequent emails. A clear and concise subject line is more than enough. Sending emails with effective subject line is the most decisive factor in email deliverability. On the other hand, poorly and unambiguously written subject titles can result into lower opening rates and emails being sent to spam box. According to the reports of market research firms Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey, approximately 64% of email recipients enter their email just because of the compelling subject line.

Choosing the email subject matter is going to determine your success in drawing the attention of more customers.

Use beautiful images and smart graphics 
Images and graphics must be carefully chosen. They must represent your service or brand. One can take inspiration from big companies such as Amazon, eBay, Apple, Groupon, Starbucks, Walmart and others. They always use large, impressive and clean graphics and images to draw customers’ attention.

Optimize for Mobile 
Most of the people today prefer reading emails and browsing Internet on their mobile and tablet devices as it is easy to carry and handle. As a result, a great number of them are not making purchase from desktop or laptop computers. Therefore, ecommerce marketers need to ensure that the promotional messages they send to their customers and prospects are mobile compliant.

Plainly avoid table layouts and various inline styles or complicated designs or layouts for clean appearance and to make emails more mobile friendly. Marketers can also consider selecting or segmenting email lists depending upon the users’ devices they send their email to.

Landing Page optimization
Sending promotional emails should not be the sole purpose of an email marketer. The emphasis must be on improving deliverability and sharing information with customers. The most important task is to ensure that your landing page is well optimized and is about what you have promised in your emails so that customers don’t get disheartened and run away instantly. Also make sure that you are ready with a mobile-optimized email and that the links take them to a mobile optimized landing page.

SOURCE: EmailOutbound, via PRWeb.