5 Tips for Memorable Birthday Emails

Apr 09, 2013 8:09 PM  By

happy-birthday-300Who doesn’t love birthday emails?  Birthday emails can drive great results.  Since many organizations have caught on to these automated emails, it can become difficult to cut through the clutter, according to a blog post on ExactTarget.com.

Here are some tips on how to stand out: 

1. Let your brand shine:  Birthday emails are a great opportunity to build loyalty with your customers.  You can do this by creating attractive, engaging personalized emails that match the brand’s look and personality.

2. Offer something of value:  Sixty-seven percent of your consumers give their email addresses to organizations to receive discounts or promotions, according to ExactTarget’s Subscribers, Fans and Followers, Email X-Factors Report.  While it’s nice to receive well-wishes on your birthday, that alone is a let-down.

3. Hassle-Free Experience:  Giving gifts with strings attached could backfire, especially if you appear to be hijacking birthdays for your own benefit.  Make the gift generous and the redemption process fun and seamless. 

4. Get Creative:  Customers may get 20 emails from companies right around their birthdays and its impossible to use all of the offers.  Why not be the company that gets more creative than the typical 10% discount?  Some ideas could be a half-birthday email, or one sent a few weeks after the big day, with funny messaging about extending the celebration?  Neither of these ideas would have to fight for attention, and it would be a surprise and delight for customers. 

5. Think Win-Win:   Even though you are giving something away for free, birthday emails should have a high return if you match them to your goals, such as increasing store or website traffic.  A customer redeeming a free dessert at a restaurant will probably bring friends or loved ones, resulting in at least one more meal at full cost.

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