5 Tips To Improve Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Apr 17, 2013 9:25 PM  By

abandoned-cart-1-300Is there really a decline in the response rate for shopping cart abandonment emails?  In a recent blog post on etailblog.com, here are five tips to ensure  your shopping cart abandonment email will not go unnoticed.

Here are the five ways:

1. Pay Attention to Basics – Make sure you have basics right. Does your cart abandonment email include the products from the basket?  Does the email link straight back to the saved basket?  Is there standard personalization? 

2. Optimize  - Getting the basics right has to do with set-up, while optimizing basket abandonment emails is post set-up and ongoing.  An untended basket abandonment email will not be successful mainly because your best customers, intrigued by the first one, will simply get used to receiving them.  What constitutes behavioral email optimization? 

3.  Expand Your Program - A very simple way to improve conversion rates is to send one, sometimes two follow-ups.  Working on the basis that 50% of the recipients won’t open the email, and approximately only 5% will purchase, a cleverly crafted follow-up should achieve 40% of the performance of the initial send.  Don’t repeat the same email to people who have opened. That is the way to turn relevant email into spam. 

4.  Offers – Don’t rule out offers. Determine what type of customer you want to encourage with an offer.  Online retailers focus on the second sale, aiming to increase the repeat purchase ratio.  Cross sell with an offer and product recommendations are also useful when seeking to increase engagement with cart abandonment emails. 

5.  Use Your Customer Data - Address the recipient appropriately.  Encourage the recipient to read more and click through.  You should have data on the browser instantly available to you, if you identify this person as a loyal customer or a first time browser, then use that information. Greet loyal customers in an appropriate way.

Click Here to read the blog post by Matt Kelleher on the etailblog.com.