5 Ways Retailers can Make Christmas Shopping Sparkle

Nov 26, 2013 2:47 PM  By

Dazzle shoppers by going the extra mile this Christmas

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Whether shopping online or in-store, the experience that shoppers receive impacts how likely it is that they will shop with you again in the future. Delivering a top notch experience is of course of vital importance, however there is more that retailers can do to wow customers after making a sale.

Retailers can show customers that they care by offering personalized treats for loyal customers, such as free delivery on their next order or free gift wrapping. Even a gesture as small as giving a few sweets or candy canes to customers in-store or in a delivery box for an online order can impress shoppers and ensure that your store sticks in their memory.

Bernard Luthi is CMO and COO at Rakuten.com Shopping

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