Don’t Forget the Personal Touch with B2B Networking

Jan 15, 2013 11:39 AM  By

While there is great success in reaching out to a perspective client through various social media sites, a Chief Marketer article suggests that in the B2B world sometimes it’s better to get personal.

In the article, Andrea Nierenberg, president of Nierenberg Consulting Group, calls it the “45-cent investment.” While marketers in the B2B world must embrace “every bit of technology at their disposal,” sometimes a handwritten follow-up note after a sales call, job interview or meeting can make a world of difference, Nierenberg said.

But, don’t reach out to every single person you ever meet. Nierenberg said first you must do a little homework. “Find out what the person wants and what way they would be most likely to respond to you,” the article states.

According to Nierenberg, it’s all about personal preference when it comes to how contacts want to be reached. “I’ve met people at live events who would never respond to an email or phone call—but they will respond to messages on Facebook or LinkedIn,” Nierenberg said in the article.

In other words, although the personal notes matters, don’t count social media sites out. Facebook, Nierenberg said, is a “great place” to learn about your client’s interests, and LinkedIn, according to the article, “is an obvious way to build a presence.”