Godiva B-to-B Catalogs Tasty but off Target

Nov 01, 2010 9:30 PM  By

I’ve Got a Sweet Tooth, especially for good chocolate. This means I’m a regular customer of Godiva — my kids know that on just about any trip to the mall I’ll find an excuse to go into the chocolatier’s boutique and pick up a little something for the family to share.

I belong to the merchant’s rewards program, and regularly get emails and catalogs from Godiva, all of which are completely on target. But their b-to-b mailings to my address? Not so much. Here’s why.

The catalog — a lovely book highlighting its holiday 2010 business collection — arrived encased in a chocolate brown cardboard envelope. A nice touch, but the package is lost on me. While the envelope did get my attention, it seemed a shame to cover up the glossy photography on the cover and a waste of resources in these green conscious times.

Secondly, if Godiva mailed this blind to my name from a consumer list or its house file, shame on them. That’s zero targeting.

And if it was mailing to me from a rented b-to-b file, shame on them again. My title is managing editor. Editor. That’s French for “has no buying power.” We don’t have a budget to buy anything, let alone pricey corporate gifts.

The lesson here: Be careful who you target. Check out Carol Lustig’s recent article “Keep Your Niche Mailings on Target” (http://directmag.com/lists/1005-lists-keep/) for more thoughts on the matter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I suddenly crave truffles for some odd reason.

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