Mobile Marketing: How does your strategy stack up?

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Mobile Marketing:
How Does Your Strategy Stack Up?

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It’s a common dilemma. You feel your marketing needs to extend into the mobile channel. But before you commit scarce resources, you want solid information about what other marketers are doing to plant a flag in this relatively new medium, how much they’re spending, and what benefits they’re seeing. And those facts have been hard to come by.

In “Mapping the Mobile Marketing Landscape: 2009”, the Mobile Marketing Association will present the findings from a survey sent out to its members and to Chief Marketer readers to survey what’s being done now on U.S. handsets. The resulting baseline metrics will help you calibrate the time and resources you’ll want to devote to the burgeoning mobile platform.

Those results will be laid out in a Chief Marketer webinar sponsored by the MMA and featuring Peter Johnson, vice president of market intelligence and strategy, Chief Marketer executive editor Brian Quinton, and Gloria Wood, VP and editorial director for Advertising Database.

Sign up and listen in online to find answers to such questions as:

  • How much are marketers currently allocating for mobile marketing, and what do they expect to spend in 2010?
  • How many text message/ mobile search/ mobile apps campaigns did the average mobile marketer run last year?
  • Do marketers consider mobile an “experimental” platform, or are they baking it into their larger campaigns from the start?
  • Customer acquisition, brand awareness, word of mouth buzz: What do marketers say mobile does best?
  • What metrics are most commonly used to determine whether a mobile campaign has been a success?

Johnson, the MMA and Chief Marketer will provide answers to your questions about the scope of mobile marketing today and why you’ll want to be part of the picture tomorrow.

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September 22, 2009

2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT
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Brian Quinton
Executive Editor
Chief Marketer
Peter Johnson
Vice President, Market Intelligence and Strategy
Mobile Marketing Association
Gloria Wood
VP & Editorial Director
Advertising Database
Register now for this informative live webinar