Top 4 B2B Digital Content Strategies for 2013

Jan 17, 2013 9:00 AM  By

Just like their B2C counterparts, B2B businesses are looking for more ways to boost revenue while still giving their customers an interactive experience. Here are four strategies from a recent Chief Marketer article that marketers can do to convert leads into buyers.

The first strategy, according to the article, is for B2Bers to begin creating “smart, flexible, marketing content.” Chief Marketer recommends creating content that can be used over and over again with a crosschannel focus and requires very little recreation or reformatting.

The content, the article said, should “allow your sales and marketing teams to immediately address any audience.” The best types of marketing content, Chief Marketer said, “provides flexibility to show each prospect of your products in a way appropriate to his or her desired level of detail.”

The second strategy that Chief Marketer recommends is for B2Bers to get visual when telling the product story. The trend now moving into 2013, the article says, is for marketers to be “innovative and create an experience to trigger an emotional connection akin to having the physical products in-hand.”

“This will help brands differentiate their products, stay competitive, better educate prospects, increase knowledge retention and accelerate leads further into the buying cycle,” the article states.

The third strategy that Chief Marketer recommends is to put prospects in the “driver’s seat.” In other words, because of the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, customers want to be more part of the dialogue and given an interactive experience.

To do so, the article states, marketers need to make sure “product stories are truly interactive so prospects can connect directly with the benefits of the products…they can navigate anywhere, anytime, in any sequence, allowing customers to explore relevant products and details of interest to them.”

The fourth and final strategy from Chief Marketer is that all B2B marketing content must also be created for mobile and tablet devices. This, according to the article, “will lead to increased lead conversion and accelerated product sales.”

The benefit of offering content through a variety of platforms, Chief Marketer said, allows marketers to reach a customer “anywhere, at any time.”

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