Turning Data into Dollars: Using the right metrics to improve e-mail and online marketing results

Feb 12, 2010 12:30 AM  By

Turning Data into Dollars: Using the right metrics to improve e-mail and online marketing results

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xLet’s face it: in today’s challenging economy, online marketers don’t have the time or resources to waste on programs that don’t deliver results. Performance expectations are higher than ever. But the most commonly used marketing metrics aren’t enough to create a roadmap for improvement.

So how do you turn data into dollars when you don’t have the right metrics to tell you why you’re getting your current results? And how do you prevent failure next time?

The key is Motion Metrics— data that moves you forward by helping you understand the “why” behind a result. Every marketer has Motion Metrics at their disposal, and can easily put them to use without a masters degree in mathematics. Motion Metrics are the unsung hero of the data world because they deliver can actionable insights to help you take action and move campaigns in the right direction.

You’ll walk away from this valuable Webinar with a clear plan of action for gathering, analyzing and leveraging your data in a way that actually makes a difference to your e-mail and online marketing campaigns. We’ll discuss 5 Simple Steps for gathering Motion Metrics that turn data into dollars:

  • Establish meaningful parameters. Identify the exact data that matters most to your campaigns— and keep the focus on your marketing goals.
  • Simplify & mine. You already know more than you think. Simplify what you’re looking for and mine existing data for quick wins.
  • Discover the “why.What happened is not as important as why it happened. The why that will inform future action.
  • Draw conclusions. Data alone is not helpful. It’s the conclusions and implications you draw from data that lead to gains.
  • Put your metrics in motion. Don’t stop with the analysis. Use your learning to take fact-based action with confidence.

This Webinar is designed for e-mail and online marketers of all kinds, from novice to seasoned veteran. You don’t have to be an analytics whiz to get value from this one-hour session.

As a special bonus, all Webinar attendees will receive a free guide, full of best practices and how-to’s that will help you turn data into dollars in an efficient manner.

Register now for this informative live webinar