Batch-and-blast Email Marketing is Not Dead

Mar 08, 2013 10:29 AM  By

Trigger messaging, transactional messages, segmented messages and, basically, anything to do with sending more-targeted emails to boost open rates and click-throughs may be the latest trend for email marketers.

But the days of batch-and-blast email marketing is not dead. And that may not be a bad thing for merchants who blast emails to their entire customer base.

Joe Devine, a solution consultant with Listrak, said last month during an interview at eTail West that revenues generated via batch-and-blast emails still represents 60% to 70% of total email revenue.

While segmentation adds value to an email marketing campaign, there’s certain events that really are relevant to everybody. Holidays like Valentine’s Day are a great example, Devine said.

“Whether your household income is X or Y, or whether you’re opening at 6 p.m. vs. 6 a.m., Valentine’s Day resonates,” Devine said. “So batch-and-blast emails will still make sense.”

Angel Morales, founder and chief innovation officer at Smarter Remarketer, said during an interview at eTail West that the days of batch-and-blast emails will never be over.

“It doesn’t matter how good technology is, there’s just some people you’re not going to get good segments against,” Morales said. “That said, the power of behavioral data will help. There is a lot more data you will be able to leverage. Why someone abandoned, if promo codes didn’t work. We’re right on the cusp of B&B not going away, but becoming secondary to behavioral.”