Bronze: L.L. Bean, Free Shipping

Sep 23, 2012 10:51 PM  By

B-to-C Over $75 Million

The campaign: In March 2011, L.L. Bean launched a universal free shipping policy. The campaign was communicated over a variety of channels, including its catalogs, social media, email, television, public relations… even wrapped buses in Boston.

The result: Well… L.L. Bean did not include result in the campaign. But the buzz was significant within the industry. L.L. Bean’s free shipping was the talk of industry publications and tradeshows, as merchants of all sizes talked about the impact, and how it would affect their own bottom line.

What the judges loved:
John Lenser: “They used every possible media to promote free shipping with consistent branding. Even better, they used the campaign to underscore the quality of their products.”

Maria Youth: “Very consistent messaging accross all channels. Great tactics to engage with consumers.”

What could have been better:
Cassie Troiano: “Potential miss was capturing reorders or repeat buyers by insertion in packages. L.L. Bean could have done more to encourage social sharing and tweets.”

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