Bronze: Ulla Popken, Summer 2012

Sep 23, 2012 10:32 PM  By

B-to-C, $10 Million to $75 Million

The campaign: Ulla Popken looked to grow its overall business 10% year-over-year by introducing a new community site and implementing consistency across all channels.

The result: House-file growth rose 10%, and summer season demand was up 25% year-over-year. Its Facebook store also experienced a 6% conversion rate.

What the judges loved:
Robin Lebo: “Great and impressive use of Facebook commerce. I have never heard of Facebook commerce conversion rates that high.”

Jean Giesmann: “Ulla Popken did a great job of selecting a color palette that carried thru the season. The personality of the creative branding was consistent across all channels, in fact identical.”

What could have been better:
Craig Winer: “The web creative in the presentation mirrored the catalog nicely but seemed to be less engaging and dynamic than it could have been. The web and catalog should be connected but they are different mediums so they don’t need to be visually identical (which is how they seemed in the material).”

2012 MCM Awards Winners